Armaaand is the creative office of Marvin Armand, designer and art director based in Paris. Working with a multidisciplinary team, we design images
and objects in the fields of luxury, fashion and art. For us art direction is a conversation. Rooted in editorial design,
we use computer generated imagery and graphic design to develop and transform brand images in a relevant way.

  • 2016, April, “Type Carpet” @Séoul (KOR) w/Anthony Vernerey & Hugo Dumont
  • 2016, May, “Map Data (Mac Festival)” @ Creteil (FR) w/Théo Jollet & EnsAD SOA

  • Press:
  • 2019 sans ISSUE-TEE-ON Savage Thrills.

  • Experiences:
  • 2019, Cologne (DE), Mike Meiré-Meiré und Meiré (Internship),
  • 2017, Paris (FR), DEVALENCE (Workshop),
  • 2016, NYC (US), Zipeng Zhu (Internship),
  • 2014, Paris (FR), PARIS SEINE & M0851 (Freelancer),

  • Education:
  • Bachelor Graphic Design, Lausanne (CH), ECAL
  • Bachelor Graphic Design, Paris (FR), EnsAD
  • Bachelor Industrial Design, Paris (FR), EnsAD
  • Contact:

    Web Design
    Armaaand & Jean Rene Jean

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