Trouble magazine

Trouble is a photographic examination of identity, gender and racism ...
Michelle Elie (the model-cum-designer-cum-fashion fixture) and Troi Ollivierre (the hair and make-up artist) have always been sort of creative soulmates. Since their first connection in downtown New York City in the '90s, the duo have been creating together, both for work and play. Add in Michelle's husband, acclaimed art director and artist Mike Meiré, and you have TROUBLE Inc.

In moments when so many people feel the inequality and injustice of the ruling systems, it is about a strong conviction in who you are and what you identify with. Without discrimination or exclusion. Who's afraid of black, white and beige?

OFFSET printing


Creative Direction, Editorial, Design




Paris (FR)


Photography by Mike Meire I MUA: Troi Ollivierre I Model: Michelle Elie

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